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Hokkaido Men Foods original product

The phantom onion "Sapporo Huang" Neri Komi raw ramen is available for commercial use and commercial use.
Rausu kelp dried ramen is for commercial use.
Spicy miso soup sauce, rich miso soup sauce, soy milk dandan noodle sauce with meat
It is for business use.
Phantom onion "Sapporo Huang" Neri Komi raw ramen

This raw ramen is carefully made by kneading the phantom onion "Sapporo Huang" into a high-quality 100% Hokkaido wheat noodle dough.

Boiled water can be used as a delicious onion soup, and surprisingly it does not boil and continues to be smooth.

Thanks to the high sugar content of Sapporoki onions, the noodles have a slight sweetness and are often entwined with the soup.

札幌苗穂元町ラーメン9種類 集合画像
■ Commercial products ■
9 types of Sapporo Naebocho ramen
■ Commercial products for stores ■
  9 types of Sapporoki ramen
札幌黄 ラーメン 生めん
■ Commercial products ■
Sapporoki Ramen / Sapporoki Frozen Steamed Noodles
Spicy miso soup sauce / rich miso soup sauce
Soy milk dandan noodle sauce with meat
Rausu kelp ramen
■ Commercial products ■
6 types of Rausu kelp ramen
Ramen made by kneading high-quality kelp "Rausu kelp" from Shiretoko / Rausu, a natural world heritage site in the eastern part of Hokkaido, into noodles.
It is naturally dried (non-fried), so it is healthy.
Egg-free for both noodles and soup. It is also popular with people who are allergic to it.
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