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We will inform you about new products, media publications, introduction information, etc.

【2022年11月 雑誌「サライ」別冊「サライのお取り寄せ」掲載






【2022年11月 札幌黄生ラーメン ミールキット 新発売









小学館百貨店 サライのお取り寄せ&大人の逸品 WEB版 掲載ページ

リンベル(株)「北海道からの福音」WEBカタログ 掲載ページ



冷凍 札幌黄生ラーメン




【2022年9月 47CLUB 掲載




[April 2021 The taste sticker has changed! ]

The taste stickers of the phantom onion "Sapporo Huang" Neri Komi raw ramen with soup "Sapporo Naeho Motomachi Ramen" and the store-limited commercial product "Sapporo Huang Ramen" have changed!

The area is a little larger, and the catch phrase of the taste is also easier to understand.

In addition, the taste name of "Tsukemen", which is popular as cold noodles, has been changed to "Cold kelp Tsukemen".

札幌苗穂元町2食(冷し昆布つけ麺) s.JPG

● Cold kelp tsukemen

札幌苗穂元町2食(海老みそ) s.JPG
札幌苗穂元町2食(辛みそ) s.JPG

● What is the "shrimp miso" taste and the "spicy miso" taste?

The color of the sticker has also changed

[March 2021 New release of cold tomato noodles ]

On March 15th, new flavors will be introduced in the phantom onion "Sapporo Huang", a commercial product with soup of raw ramen, "Sapporo Naeho Motomachi Ramen" and the store-limited commercial product "Sapporo Huang Ramen"!

"The taste of tomatoes that you can eat cold noodles like a salad is irresistible," and the long-awaited revival of "tomato cold noodles," which was once extremely popular with women.

With this, there are 3 types of cold flavors suitable for summer, including "Soy milk chilled dandan noodles" and "Cold kelp tsukemen (former product name: Tsukemen)"!

札幌苗穂元町2食(トマト冷し麺) s.JPG

The soup is a straight bukkake type where the sweet and sour taste of tomatoes brings out the sweetness of the noodles.
Topped with cucumber and lettuce, zucchini, paprika, seafood ajillo, etc., you can enjoy it refreshingly even in the hot summer when you have no appetite, like a salad.

[October 2020 Sapporo City Hometown Tax Return Gifts Posted ]

"Sapporo Naebocho Ramen" has begun to be published as a gift for Sapporo City's hometown tax payment!


[Introduction to FM Hokkaido on June 3, 2020]

Daytime program broadcast on Hokkaido radio station "FM Hokkaido (AIR-G)"

Our company and Sapporoki Neri Komi Raw Ramen were introduced in "Sparkle Sparkler"!


* The image was borrowed from the program

[May 21, 2020 (Hokkaido Shimbun insert) Life information paper "ontona" published ]

Our ramen set was introduced in the special feature (Why don't you support Hokkaido food) of the living information paper "ontona" published every Thursday and included in the Hokkaido Shimbun.

(The 18-meal special set is a limited-time product until May 2020)


オントナ掲載 2020.5.21号.png

[Published in Hokkaido Shimbun on May 9, 2020 ]

Hokkaido Men Foods was introduced in the "This gem to enjoy ordering" section of the Hokkaido Shimbun!


[Introduced on STV "Dosanko Wide 179" on April 24, 2020 ]

In the popular evening program "Dosanko Wide 179" broadcast on a local TV station in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Our ramen and a special set for a limited time were introduced!

(The 18-meal special set is a limited-time product until May 2020)


* The image was borrowed from STV.

[January 2020 product package renewal]

The three product packages we manufacture have been upgraded!

Phantom onion "Sapporo Huang" Neri Komi raw ramen with soup, commercial product "Sapporo Naeho Motomachi Ramen" , store exclusive commercial product "Sapporo Huang Ramen" , Hokkaido product exhibition limited product "Sapporo Huang Neri Komi Ramen" will be in 2020 It will be sold in a new package from January.

[New package]
● Sapporo Naebocho Ramen
(2 meals, with soup) Commercial product
Sapporoki Ramen (2 meals, with soup) Store exclusive commercial product
● Sapporoki Neri Komi Raw Ramen (2 meals included)
With soup that can be selected separately
Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition Exclusive Product

Each new package has a detailed introduction to the cooking method on the back.

In addition to hot pot cooking and freezing cooking methods,

It also describes how to cook in the microwave, which you can easily do.

札幌苗穂元町ラーメン 裏面

The new package is

It will be available in department stores and supermarkets from January.

Easy cooking in a pot or microwave

Sapporoki Onion Neri Komi Raw Ramen


Thank you

[Please be careful about similar products in the fall of 2019]

Recently, products with similar shapes, names, and concepts of "Sapporo Huang Nerikomi Nama Ramen" manufactured and sold by our company are on the market.

These similar and counterfeit products are developed by our representative as our original products, and we strive to popularize "Sapporo Huang Onion" itself as a phantom onion. What is our "Sapporo Huang Nerikomi Ramen"? Please note that the technology is very different and has nothing to do with our company or our products .

▼ Our representative who developed Sapporoki Neri Komi Raw Ramen
We are working to popularize Sapporoki onions at Hokkaido product exhibitions, etc.
北海道物産展 松坂屋静岡店

Similar and counterfeit products differ greatly from our regular products not only in shape, but also in quality.

Please be careful when purchasing so that you do not mistake it for our product "Sapporo Huang Nerikomi Raw Ramen (commercially available product name: Sapporo Naeho Motomachi Ramen, Sapporo Huang Ramen)". Thank you.

3 types of regular products for commercial use
* Package will change from January 2020
札幌黄ラーメン 醤油

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that we are not responsible for any disadvantages or damages caused by the purchase of similar or counterfeit products.


We ask for your continued patronage of our "Sapporo Huang Nerikomi Raw Ramen" (commercially available product names: Sapporo Naebocho Ramen, Sapporo Huang Ramen).

[September 10, 2019 NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station coverage]

The appearance of opening a store at Autumn Fest and salmon soy sauce ramen were introduced

(An interview with our representative was also broadcast)


[Published in Hokkaido Shimbun on July 25, 2019]

In articles related to Sapporo traditional vegetables "Sapporo Huang" onions

The story of Hokkaido Men Foods was introduced in the Hokkaido Shimbun

(Images of manufacturing scenery by our staff are also posted)


[August 20, 2018 Introducing the magazine "poroco"]

Information on the opening of Hokkaido Men Foods regarding Sapporo Autumn Fest was introduced in the information magazine Poroko (issued on August 20, September issue vol.339) for actively enjoying Sapporo life.

"Sapporo Autumn Fest" is a big food event in Sapporo that starts on September 7th at Odori Park. Our Hokkaido Men Foods will open for 8 days from 9/15 (Sat) to 22 (Sat)!

The store opening menu is also detailed on page 86.


[Introduction of the magazine "O.tone" on July 15, 2018]

The cold noodles of "Sapporo Park Hotel" using Sapporoki yellow noodles raw ramen were introduced in Oton (issued 7/15, vol.117), a comprehensive information magazine on play, eating and drinking from Sapporo.

The menu "Japanese-style soup stock Chinese-style cold noodles" and Sapporoki yellow noodles are also introduced on page 59.

[February 22, 2018 HBC Radio Introduction]

"Sapporo Naebomotocho Ramen", a commercial product of Sapporo Huang Nerikomi raw ramen, was introduced in the morning program "Morning edition" of HBC Radio, a local radio station in Hokkaido.

HBCラジオ 札幌黄 ラーメン 札幌苗穂元町ラーメン 札幌

[Published in Hokkaido Shimbun on November 1, 2017]

Hokkaido Men Foods was introduced in the Hokkaido Shimbun


[November 2017 Hokkaido limited edition "Sapporo Huang Ramen" newly released]

November 2nd, Hokkaido limited edition of phantom onion "Sapporo Huang" Neri Komi raw ramen

"Sapporo Huang Ramen" is now on sale.

 There are 9 flavor variations (miso, soy sauce, salt, crab salt, salmon soy sauce, tsukemen, spicy miso, soy milk chilled tantan noodles, shrimp miso).

Each bag comes with 2 meals and soup, and the price is open.

Thank you for your cooperation with our sister product "Sapporo Naebocho Ramen".

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