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Manufacturing method of phantom onion "Sapporo Huang Nerikomi Raw Ramen" and development of processed onion products for noodle making ingredients

Commercial-use Sapporoki Nerikomi raw ramen has been adopted by resort hotels in Hokkaido and is now on sale.

"Sapporo Huangsei Ramen" with 2-meal soup for commercial use is now on sale at department stores in Sapporo

Exhibited the same product at "FOODEX JAPAN / International Food and Beverage Exhibition". Boiled and served to 5,200 people in 3 days

The phantom onion "Sapporo Huangsei Ramen" has been certified by the northern brand, Sapporo City.

Obtained the first Hokkaido HACCP raw Chinese noodle category, which is the same product and Hokkaido food original certification.

Opened a store at Sapporo Autumn Fest. Homemade rich shrimp flavored soup is very popular

Rausu kelp base developed "Rausu" raw kelp base for noodle making with the cooperation of fishermen

Hokkaido Men Foods Co., Ltd. Corporate registration

Hokkaido SME Support Fund Accelerated Start-up Support Business Certification Acquired

Started selling Rausu kelp dried ramen, roadside station in Eastern Hokkaido (Utoro, Rausu), etc.

Purchased Rusutsu Food Processing Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing and selling freeze-dried dried foods.

Opened Sapporo Sales Office at the current location (7-chome, Kita 2 Johigashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)

Established a raw noodle production line capable of producing 10,000 meals a day of Sapporoki Ramen at Sapporo Sales Office

Sapporo City Public Health Center "Men Manufacturing" Business License Obtained, Noodle Factory Completed

Started selling "Sapporo Huangsei Ramen" produced at our own factory to users who handle commercial noodles

Sapporoki ramen "Sapporo Naebomotocho ramen" with 2-meal soup for commercial use is now on sale in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Sapporo HACCP-Sapporo City HACCP type hygiene management introduction evaluation system acquired evaluation stage A

"Sapporo Naebocho Ramen" Soymilk cold Tantan noodle flavor new release

"Sapporo Naebocho Ramen" 1 meal pack new release

Sapporo Autumn Fest 2017 store opened

Started selling "Sapporo Huang Ramen (with 2 meals soup)", a Hokkaido limited product for commercial use

"Sapporo Naebocho Ramen" Shrimp Miso Flavor New Release

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