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Message from the President

須貝昭博 北海道メンフーズ株式会社 代表取締役
Representative Director Akihiro Sugai

Widely practiced product planning and development of noodles, sauces, bouillons, marketing, consulting sales, etc. at noodle manufacturing companies, commercial seasoning manufacturers, natural seasoning manufacturers, major restaurant chains, etc. In 2006, developed the phantom onion "Sapporo Huang Nerikomi Ramen".

● Hokkaido Food Meister

● Hokkaido-like food maker (registered by the Hokkaido Government)

"I was born in Sapporo and grew up in Sapporo. I have been working on ramen for a long time, starting with a noodle maker in Sapporo and a seasoning maker in Hokkaido, to a restaurant chain at the Tokyo head office and a natural seasoning maker.
It was when I returned to Sapporo a dozen years ago and was in charge of ramen product development at a noodle manufacturing company.

At that time, I tried to eat around various famous restaurants in Sapporo city, but all the popular restaurants had the Kotteri flavor of Honshu and the new standard strong miso flavor, so I was used to it a long time ago. However, I was surprised that I couldn't find Sapporo ramen with a clear soup that I wouldn't get tired of eating every day. "

"In that case, I started product development in earnest to reproduce the taste myself. Fortunately, I was good at breaking down the taste one by one from my work experience so far, so I was good at researching it. While tracing the memories of the old taste, I changed the material and patiently repeated the trial production.
However, in the dilemma of not being able to reach the taste of those days, I suddenly noticed. "

"The onions are different! 』\

"Of all the vegetables used in soup, only onions were completely different from the old ones.
Until around 1972
, onions of a variety called "Sapporoki" were used. However, Sapporoki is vulnerable to diseases, and the yield is not stable due to irregularities. Moreover, due to the short expiration date, it was replaced by the F1 onion, which has been steadily improved.
At the time of development, "Sapporo Huang" was a
"phantom onion" that was cultivated by several farmers in the city for their own use. "

"Even if F1 onions are processed for seasoning, the savory aroma peculiar to onions makes them unappetizing. In comparison, " Sapporoki "has a good balance of sweetness and spiciness, and it is spicy when cooked. The onion disappears and the sweetness becomes stronger, and the taste increases further . Therefore, I made a new ramen using Sapporoki harvested in 2005.

Then, the taste of Sapporo ramen, which had a mellow sweetness in the old days, reminded me of "This taste is !!" and Rosanjin Kitaoji's "Delicious is sweet", and I was strangely convinced. "

札幌黄ラーメン 醤油

"But if you make it at a ramen shop, you can get that taste by using Sapporoki in the soup, but with the bag noodles we sell, even if you add Sapporoki to the attached soup (sauce), the amount is small, so it is effective. Absent.
After thinking that I wanted to use Sapporoki abundantly, I kneaded Sapporoki into the noodles, and not only that sweet taste and taste, but also more advantages than I expected.

① Boil time is shorter than regular noodles

② Boiled water does not become muddy

③ No scent of raw ramen

④ Boiled noodles can be used as a delicious onion soup

⑤ It is hard to spread after boiling, and the smooth and chewy texture continues. ⑥ The noodles themselves have the sweetness and umami of Sapporoki, and they are delicious because they are often entwined with the soup.

It was a good thing.

The ramen that allows you to drink up the soup to the last drop is the "old" Sapporo ramen that I wanted to make. "

"And this noodle is surprisingly liked by women .

A long time ago, my mother said, "It's okay to start eating ramen, but at the end it smells so bad that you can't eat it." It will come out. It has an ammonia-like scent.

We men eat noodles in a short time, so we don't notice it, but women eat slowly, so at the end, many people are worried about it and can't eat it.

In that respect, the noodles kneaded with "Sapporo Huang" do not give off an odor due to the masking effect that wraps around the unpleasant odor, so it seems that many female fans can eat it deliciously until the end. "

"It's a miso in the foreground, but it's a high-quality, delicious noodle that is used by foodies who understand the taste and cooks who are said to be masters, so please try it once."

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